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Using Black Pepper To
Quit Smoking

Studies have shown that Black Pepper essential oil can help reduce cigarette cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Quit Smoking using black pepper and Füm


You’ve probably tried or know of someone who’s put in the effort to quit smoking. Quitting smoking is one of the most important accomplishments you can achieve—it’s your future. Studies show that just by quitting smoking you can add an average of 10 years back to your life. 

Sadly 90% of people trying to quit cold turkey don’t succeed, but that doesn’t need to be you…

In February 1994, a nicotine research laboratory in North Carolina discovered that inhaling natural black pepper essential oil helped to relieve smokers’ cravings for cigarettes.

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Why Black Pepper is Effective

Black Pepper essential oil helps people quit smoking and e-cigarettes for a variety of factors that NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) fails to address. Black Pepper simultaneously tackles both the psychological and physical addiction of nicotine use. When inhaled, Black Pepper can alleviate the negative side effects and symptoms of anxiety. Furthermore, Black Pepper essential oil has bio-transformative effects that naturally detoxify the body, therefore aiding this natural process of quitting. Researchers conclude that one reason inhaling Black Pepper helps smokers quit is because of the way the essential oil mimics the warm sensation in the chest, while also providing the unique, earthy, and familiar taste of cigarettes.

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Black Pepper Vs Other Methods

Though other methods for quitting like nicotine patches show promise, they suffer from several shortcomings. Nicotine patches, even though safer than cigarettes, are still extremely addictive, unlike black pepper. Additionally, using a patch or gum doesn’t satisfy the hand-to-mouth action many smokers have grown accustomed to. Using a nicotine patch is comparable to eating food out of a tube (not fun!). While your body may be getting the same effect the experience is different and often quite off-putting.

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A Powerful Solution

The best way to quit naturally is by utilizing both the powerful effects of pure Black Pepper Essential Oil and replacement therapy with a comfortable hand-to-mouth device. 

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Füm™ Hand-to-mouth

Füm™ is a non-electronic natural inhaler designed to comfortably replace that hand-to-mouth habit with a positive impact.

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