Why Free Füms?

We at Füm™ are on a mission to help 1 million people quit smoking by 2025. We want to send a free gift to help you on your way to being nicotine free! To get the opportunity to get a free gift we need you to be willing to post about your journey with Füm™ on TikTok. We want you to empower your followers to quit nicotine! Fill out the form below to get started! 

What You Need To Do

Step 1

Step 2 

Step 3

Fill out the form with your information to apply.

If approved you will receive an email from us confirming and product shipped to your address. 

Once your package arrives, film 1 unboxing video and post it on TikTok. And then 2 others updating people on your journey. 

Be sure to tag us in the video and use hashtags like #quitvaping #quitnicotine. Remember to be open and honest! When Füm comments be sure to pin our comment.

Fill Out The Form Below: